Indoor Soccer (Spring 2024)

Ages: 2018 Born
Skill Level: No experience needed!
Time/Dates: Saturday's @ 3:45-4:45pm (April 6 - May 11)
Where: Lambeth Community Centre
Cost: $90 + HST

At Athletic Development Games, our mission is to cultivate a love for sports among children by providing a dynamic and age-appropriate environment that prioritizes fun and exploration. We are committed to fostering athletic development through engaging activities, ensuring every child can discover and enhance their abilities in a joyful and supportive atmosphere.

What Can We Expect?

This indoor soccer group will focus on athletic/soccer development through fun and games. As mentioned in our mission statement, our goal is to cultivate a love for sports. And although we want to help the kids develop soccer skills, our priority is fun.

We will have an indoor soccer "Air Pitch" set up (see the above picture) with two small nets at either end.

The plan is to start each session off with some free play time. After that, we will get into some fun athletic development-based games (both with and without balls) and then split up the kids for some fun 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 soccer play in the Air Pitch.

Will Skills Be Taught?

Research has shown that young kids are "discovery learners" and learn best through experimentation, observation, action & imitation. In other words, play. At these ages, direct instruction can interfere with discovery.

My coaching philosophy is to say as little as possible to the kids regarding their technique at this age. I will show them the basics through game demonstrations, but mostly, they will learn through experimentation within the games and activities.

About The Air Pitch:

The Air Pitch is a 15m x 10m inflatable that creates "boards" for soccer play. I first saw a 3v3 league using it and thought it would be perfect for kids. With the smaller playing area and fewer balls travelling out of play, there will be more ball touches, action, and goals for the kids.

What Equipment Do We Need?

Indoor running shoes, soccer shin pads and socks are required.

About The Coach:

Each session will be run by myself (Kevin) and hopefully one or two parent helpers. Although I don't have much soccer-playing experience, I've completed the Active Start course within the Canada Soccer Coach Education program and gained my first soccer coaching experience last year with a U5 team.

I have been involved with athletic development for over ten years with my hockey training company. Although that business is online-based coaching, I've enjoyed my transition to coaching kids in recent years and have developed a passion for coaching young kids. This has led to a lot of self-learning through books, textbooks, and research papers. 

I feel like there's a better way to approach youth sports than we usually see. Without getting too deep into it, here are some approaches I believe can be best for young athletes: Discovery Learning, Games-Based Approach, Self-Determination Theory, Silent Sidelines, Ecological Dynamics, Implicit Learning, Free Play.

To learn more about my coaching philosophy with young kids, you can check out my Athletic Development Games Instagram account or check out some of my recommended reads below (top recommendations: Conditions of Children's Talent Development in Sport, Changing The Game, Free Play: A Decade if Writings on Youth Sports, and The Athletic Skills Model). 


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